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Garbage Disposal Repair Houston

Garbage Disposal Repair Houston

ASC offers Garbage Disposal Repair Houston. Our Customer Service representatives are standing by to help you with your Garbage Disposal problems.

For quick, professional, affordable, and friendly service today, give us a call. Houston Garbage Disposal repair is our legacy. You won’t be disappointed.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair Houston: We repair all brands and models. Our technicians do it all: Garbage Disposal repairs, gas Garbage Disposal repairs, electric Garbage Disposal repairs, Garbage Disposal service and Garbage Disposal maintenance. Our main goal is to provide same day appliance repair and affordable appliance repairs.


We value our customers and aim to provide, honest and quality work. Effective repair work and customer service is our priority and commitment to our customers. Check out our A+ BBB rating – an accolade we’ve earned for the last 7 years running.


All of our technicians are thoroughly trained, experienced, and professional, so say goodbye to unsatisfactory service and high prices.

Garbage Disposal Repair Houston

Garbage Disposal Installation

We service and repair garbage disposals in Houston up to a 50 mile radius.

If your Garbage Disposal is not working, let us fix it for your. If you have a broken Garbage Disposal or a clogged Garbage disposal your kitchen sink may be getting funky. Act Fast. Repair Your Disposal Today.

You can count on us for quick service. We provide Garbage Disposal Repairs Houston. We offer local Garbage Disposal repairs to bring you fast repairs and keep your kitchen in tip top shape.

A functioning Garbage Disposal is essential to keep away bad smells. If you experience a situation where you need to fix your Garbage Disposal, it may be best to let a professional handle it. We can repair disposals and complete disposal installations.

When your Garbage Disposal refuses to cooperate, it can be very frustrating. If you need any Garbage Disposal repair, call ASC today.

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Same Day. No Hidden Fees. Affordable.

    • SAME DAY: Same Day Appliance Appointments are available. Call today.


    • NO HIDDEN FEES: No extra charge for weekends, evenings, or holidays. Your time is valuable and we work around your schedule to fix your Garbage Disposal.


  • AFFORDABLE: You can count on us for affordable appliance repair.

Free service call

ASC will waive the service call upon your agreement to allow us to do the repair. You are only responsible for labor and parts! Our appliance technicians will provide you with a Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting Diagnostic specific to your unit.

Repair or Buy?

Choosing repair over replacement could save you HUNDREDS. If your Garbage Disposal has had its run, replacing your unit may be a good option. Understanding the problem and repair costs will make the decision process easy.

Garbage Disposal Repair Houston

Garbage Disposal Repair Tip Houston

In order for a trash compactor to function, a metal ram must push the garbage against the back wall of the trash compactor. This removes the air and the trash becomes a much smaller package. There are basically 2 different operational styles of trash compactors; One that has a switch on top of the unit, and one that makes use of a foot pedal for operation. There are times when the metal ram becomes stuck and needs to be dislodged. To do this all you need to do is to flip the switch or step on the foot pedal. This sudden jolt can result in the loosening of the metal ram and then it may begin to work again. You may need to turn the switch on and off a number of times to allow it a chance of working. The same applies to those trash compactors that operate by use of a foot pedal.

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We will waive your service fee! Give us a call today and schedule your service call, we will waive the service call fee if we do the repair! If you have any questions, would like an estimate, or just want to say hello contact us today!