Air Conditioning Repair Houston

Air Conditioning Repair Houston

Appliance Repair in Houston provides reliable, professional, and fast air conditioning repair services.  Our technicians repair all brands and models of air conditioners.  You can depend on our professional services, regardless of your needs.

Inexpensive Air Conditioning Repair Houston

Appliance Repair in Houston charges the lowest possible price for the repair of your air conditioner. We also do not charge extra for weekends, evenings, and holidays. Appliance Repair in Houston offers a low price guarantee on Air Conditioning Repair Houston and  policy protection.

Free Service Call for Air Conditioning Repair Houston

Appliance Repair in Houston will waive the service call upon your agreement to allow us to do the repair. You are only responsible for labor and parts!


Air Conditioning Repair Tip Houston

You need to remember that since an air conditioner has both indoor and outdoor coils they both must be kept clean. It is necessary to regularly clean the condenser coil in addition to replacing the air filter for the evaporator coil. If you should fail to keep the condenser clean this will eventually result in doing harm to the compressor, since the condenser coil is responsible for discharging both the indoor heat in addition to the heat generated by the electric motor that drives the compressor. You also need to remember that any further repairs require a highly skilled technician and you should not hesitate to call one. In addition, electrical problems can be very dangerous for a novice to try to repair.

We will waive your service fee! Give us a call today and schedule your service call; we will waive the service call fee if we do the repair! If you have any questions, would like an estimate, or just want to say hello contact us today!