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Washer Repair Tip

Washer Repair Tip

Washer Repair Tip

WASHER REPAIR TIP: Why won’t the washer finish the cycle?

Are you running into problems with your washer?

If the washer won’t finish a cycle, it could mean you need to replace your timer or water supply valve. Corrosion or scorching near the control panel could also be a culprit.

  • If the washing machine fills with water and begins agitating, but the timer does not advance, the timer probably needs to be replaced
  • If the timer does not advance during the rinse cycle, check whether water has filled the tub, if not, it is likely cold water related. Check the cold water supply valve, check the supply hose for kinks, check the filter screen and check the water inlet valve
  • You can take the control panel off and look at the contacts for scorching or corrosion.

If you are comfortable working on your appliance, you can try to troubleshoot your washer. If you lack experience, you could cause more damage by attempting a repair.

Washer Repair Troubleshooting

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Washer Repair Tip

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